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On September 23, 2023, a global community gathered to Walk for the World – our first international Walking Meditation. In 167 countries around the world, more than 140,000 people walked together in the energy of change. Many walked alone, while thousands of groups formed among friends, families, neighbors, colleagues, and new members of this community.

The more we demonstrate change, the more we raise the frequency in our world.

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Download the Walk for the World Meditation

During this 50-minute guided meditation, you’ll become part of a global consciousness and demonstrate the change you’d love to see in the world. If you haven’t yet downloaded the meditation, you can find it here.

Walk for the World Meditation

Access the Music from Walk for the World

All five tracks from the meditation – plus one continuous mix – are now available as a standalone album. This collaboration among Dr Joe, Remko Arentz, and Temple Step Project helped inspire Walk for the World – and will allow you to extend the journey after you finish walking.

Photo Album

See Memories from Our First Walk for the World

Walk for the World t-shirts and hoodies are now available!

All proceeds will be donated to Give to Give Foundation, an organization providing support and scholarships that empower individuals to help themselves and others on their healing journeys.

About Dr Joe Dispenza’s Walking Meditations

Dr Joe’s Walking Meditations are an active experience that transforms our energy and state of being. Standing with eyes closed, and then walking in that energy with eyes open, allows us to maintain elevated energy and emotions throughout the waking day.

About Dr Joe Dispenza

As a New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant, Dr Joe’s work has led him to develop a practical formula to help people transform their lives.

Dr Joe’s mission seeks to unify many branches of science in a very simple way, with a focus on research and the data behind spontaneous remissions. Inspired by the latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics, his work integrates essential knowledge that teaches people how to heal their bodies of health conditions, make significant life changes, and evolve their consciousness.

Since 2010, he has partnered with scientists and universities to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation on the brain and body. During his advanced retreats around the world, his team has gathered more than 18,000 brain scans (quantitative QEEG) and 10,000 heart-rate variability (HRV) measurements in an attempt to correlate the effects that sustained elevated emotions and self- regulation have on heart and brain function, immune response, and overall mind- body health.

He and his team also have studied gene expression, protein regulation, immune response, neurotransmitter changes, telomere length, and variations in bioactive cellular metabolic particles in novice and advanced meditators.

Stories of Transformation

See the stories of personal breakthroughs, miraculous healings, profound transformations, and powerful creations from our community of students around the world.

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